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Efforts made to maintain links in the Vietnamese goods chain

Even in the most difficult period of the COVID-19 epidemic, authorities and businesses have exerted efforts to maintain the chain of Vietnamese goods with the aim to not only contribute to the growth of the economy but also stabilise the supply and demand of goods and services. This is also considered a solution towards ensuring the supply of goods for the upcoming Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday.

Eggs have been determined as the top essential commodity of people, especially for people in quarantined areas. Despite the difficulties in transportation during social distancing, Ba Huan Joint Stock Company always tries to keep maintain the link between supply and demand of goods.

According to Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Ba Huan Joint Stock Company Pham Thi Huan, in order to maintain the link chain for this product, the company has been proactive regarding the sourcing of goods and the transportation channel, and has closely coordinated with the authorities to remove difficulties in transportation and circulation.

As an enterprise specialising in the production and supply of antiseptic products for disease prevention and control, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Chemical Group Bui The Chuyen shared that in order to adapt to the impacts of the pandemic, the Group has strictly implemented the COVID-19 prevention and control solutions recommended by ministries, departments, branches and localities while at the same time maintaining linkage in the chain to ensure timely supply of antiseptic goods to consumers.

When the Covid-19 epidemic broke out seriously, or when we had to adapt to the "new normal", maintaining the chain helped stabilise the supply and demand of domestic goods, said Deputy Director of the Department of Domestic Market under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) Le Viet Nga. She also emphasised that maintaining the chain of Vietnamese goods is an important solution in the context of the difficulties caused by social distancing. The MoIT has implemented a series of measures to ensure supply, support, circulation and distribution of goods to meet the basic needs of people, businesses and cooperatives.


Linkages have been maintained stably between ministries and branches, people and businesses as well as localities. Therefore, in the difficult context due to social distancing, or at times such as year-end holidays, Tet, when the demand for goods increases, people can still access goods, especially essential goods, in an easy manner.

At the moment, in order to prepare goods for the year-end period, localities are also actively working together to ensure the supply of goods. For example, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has coordinated with provinces and cities across the country to organise a conference to connect supply and demand between the City and other provinces and cities in 2021. The agricultural sector in Hanoi has also been actively promoting coordination with other localities to connect businesses and cooperatives in the consumption of agricultural products and food.

The MoIT also suggested that in order to maintain a sustainable production chain of Vietnamese goods while flexibly adapting to the new situation in the spirit of the Government’s Resolution No.128, especially in the last months of the year, businesses should actively develop production plans amid the prolonged epidemic situation to ensure the supply of goods to the market.

In addition, it is necessary to quickly re-recruit and train workers, especially in high-intensive industries such as leather and footwear, electronics, food processing, etc. Businesses also need to closely coordinate with state agencies when implementing the Government's Resolution No.128, making timely recommendations on arising shortcomings to avoid goods congestion.

In addition to connecting supply and demand, businesses need to focus on the quality of goods to compete with imported products because once the epidemic is under control and the chain of links is connected, imported goods at cheap price will flood into Vietnam thanks to preferential tariffs from recently signed free trade agreements (FTAs).

Deputy Director of the Department of Domestic Market Le Viet Nga also emphasised that domestic enterprises must further promote the quality of goods at traditional markets as well as accelerate the digitalisation of the domestic trade industry by combining both e-commerce and digital technology to help reduce logistics costs and other costs so that Vietnamese people can enjoy high quality goods with reasonable prices. After all, quality is the most important factor to help businesses conquer consumers in all circumstances, Nga noted.

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